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Poet Broker Talks Desert Experience, Urine-Drinking (Not Recommended)

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A big media scrum turned out this morning at Clifton's Cafeteria in downtown to see poet broker Ed Rosenthal, who was lucky enough to be rescued after six days in Joshua Tree. When Rosenthal was found, he was so weak--he lost 20 lbs--rescuers had to physically pick him up. "It was a miracle," he said, of his rescue. "I'm much more religious than I used to be now." The grisly bits: He tried to drink his own urine ("Forget it!" he told the crowd), the dehydration made his mouth feel like it was full of sand and rocks, and he couldn't eat. "If you don't have water, you can't eat." Additionally, Rosenthal found a friend--his Wilson the Ball, if you will--in the form of a horsefly ("He hung out," said Rosenthal). Meanwhile, what was that business advice that you wrote on your hat, Ed? "I was telling my wife who to rely on," he said.

Rosenthal is supposed to be on CBS' "Morning Show" and ABC's "Good Morning, America" tomorrow. More coverage below.
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