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Fed Money Resurrects Metro's Bus Maintenance Building Downtown

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The Federal Transit Administration dropped $47.75 million on Metro today as part of its program to keep the country's buses running in good shape. The money allows Metro to resurrect a dead plan for the Division 13 bus maintenance facility, which will go next to Metro's Downtown headquarters. According to the Source, the new facility "is planned to accommodate and provide service for up to 200 compressed natural gas (CNG) buses and will include up to a 16,300 square-foot bus operations administration building and up to a 500,000 square-foot bus maintenance building." The design work has already been completed by Maintenance Design Group and RNL Design, and entitlements are in place, so the project can go out for bid in January, start construction as early as June, and be done by spring 2013. It'll be neighbors with the new Silver Line bus station that'll be built at Union Station.

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