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Woodland Hills Village Project: Design Issues Outstanding?

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The Los Angeles Times covers a recent meeting of the Woodland Hills-Warner Center Neighborhood Council, an event that drew some angry residents unhappy that developer Westfield is doing a switcharoo on the The Village project, swapping condos for a Costco. According to the story, residents, some of whom are now talking recall (exciting!) over City Councilman Dennis Zine's support of the project, want something like The Grove or Glendale's Americana at Brand, instead of a big box store. There are also critiques about design of the store, and as the Times presents it, even City Councilman Zine, is a little nauseous about how this thing looks. Excerpt from a Sept 15th meeting: "...Zine blanched when a rendering of the proposed 147,000-square-foot Costco store was shown to the crowd. The picture showed the store's back wall extending about a block next to the Victory Boulevard sidewalk.

"That's not a done deal," Zine said, promising that residents would have a chance to review design plans before construction is approved."

Westfield defends the project, saying a Costco is "totally consistent to what we've done at Topanga with Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom" aka the size is appropriate.
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