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LA Live Home to Most Fake Superheroes Ever to Combine Fake Powers

Image via Calvin Fleming

We spoke way too soon last week when we said it was a bad time for superhero costumes in the city. Over the weekend 1,580 Supermans, Batmans, Spidermans, et al showed up at LA Live to help set the Guinness record for most superheroes in one place at one time. Weirdly enough, a Craigslist ad asked for help beating the very same record in August, but only a handful of heroes showed up, maybe because it was being held at the the tough-for-supes Hollywood and Highland. The LA Live event also had a little help from Will Ferrell and Dreamworks, which organized the event to promote the upcoming Megamind.
· Will Ferrell, Superheroes Break World Record Downtown [CBSLA]


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