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AEG: Downtown Stadium Plan Could Be "Finalized" By End of Year

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How much does AEG's Tim Lieweke like to talk about his possible downtown NFL stadium? Quite a bit. He won't talk directly to reporters about the proposal, but at nearly every recent public event, he has brought up the topic of a stadium. The Daily News covers his remarks yesterday at a Valley Industry and Commerce Association's annual Business Forecast Conference during which he said that plans could be finalized before the end of the year. He's also now saying it's not a football stadium, but an '"events center," which could used for NFL games, as well as the Super Bowl, World Cup soccer and college basketball's Final Four," according to the Daily News. And it's not clear what he means by "finalized," but he says that plans for the stadium could be "finalized in 30 to 60 days." (A rep for the Planning Department told us yesterday that AEG hasn't filed any papers with the city in regards to the stadium.) And more from News: "We will create an economic juggernaut," Leiweke boasted during a lunchtime speech at the Valley Industry and Commerce Association's annual Business Forecast Conference.

Leiweke refused to divulge details, but laid out the basics of a plan he said could revive the Los Angeles economy by creating thousands of private-sector jobs. A key element of the project is luring a NFL team to Los Angeles for the first time since 1994."
· AEG lays out plan to bring back football [Daily News]