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Hubba-Hubba: Checking Out the Hollywood and Vine Bike Hub

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At yesterday's Metro board meeting, plans for the Hollywood Bike HUB, a bike shop/visitor's center at the Hollywood and Vine/W project, were also approved. According to community activist and CD4 council candidate Stephen Box, the 1,000 square foot plus facility has funding and the backing of Legacy Partners, one of the developers of the Hollywood/Vine project. What's next is to develop request for proposals and find operating partners. More from Box's blog: "The Hollywood Bike HUB is a bike shop for locals where cyclists can work on their bikes as well as store them in a secured environment...The Hollywood Bike HUB is good for cyclists, good for residents, good for tourists, good for business and great for transit, offering Metro passengers a 'last mile' option." Above is a simulation of what the hub may look like.

· Hollywood Bike HUB at Hollywood & Vine [Stephen Box]