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Remodeled Three-Bedroom Cottage in Beverly Glen

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This three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath cottage is located near the Stone Canyon Reservoir on the charmingly named Scenario Lane. Its listing copy paints a rather interesting scenario too, namely that the home's builder "incorporated the finest materials from the Gregory Peck estate and Bugsy Siegal's home." Whether the latter refers to the gangster's former haunt Castillo del Lago, the house on Linden Drive where he was gunned down, or some other residence is anyone's guess, but the recycled bits of note apparently include "leaded glass windows, 100 yr slate roof, 5 fireplaces, pine floors, copper touches throughout." According to Redfin, the 5,500-square-foot property last sold in 2008 for $800,000; it's now listed at $1.19 million.
· 10415 Scenario Lane [Redfin]