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Ontario House Full of Dead Practical Jokers

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What/Where: Two rooms for rent in a four bedroom, two and a half bathroom house that's shared with three other adults. The house is in Ontario near the 10 Freeway and rent is $600 per month.

Sounds good, right?: Utilities are included, and the house has two patios, a dishwasher, a fireplace, washer/dryer, a spa, multiple barbeques, and a yard.

The Catch: Well, it is that time of year: "We live in a Haunted House. This house is only about 30yr old. witch only goes to show that Any House Can be Haunted. My family and I have been here comfortably for 15yrs. kids have grown and gone and now we have rooms in our Haunted House to share with others that would not be to freaked out by things that go BUMP in the night or day for that matter. This is a place of Peace and Harmony. ( Nothing malicious here) If you like a good Practical Joke, such as things not where you left them, opened back door in the morning or wile your watching tv. sounds of closing doors when your the only one home. Then This IS the place for YOU!"
· ! ! ! ! ! HAUNTED HOUSE ! ! ! ! ! ! (N. Ontario ) [Craigslist]