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Fashion Week Disaster, Food, Fat, and Santa Monica Place's Future

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A booth at Artisanal LA

DOWNTOWN: It was a Fashion Week emergency! The PR and management firm that was supposed to be organizing Fashion Week events didn't get their permits on time and displaced a whole lot of designers who had gone and put shows together. Luckily two orgs stepped in and set up three of the designers with a new presentation. Phew.

DOWNTOWN: Unlike some fashionistas, Racked isn't afraid of a little food. And at Artisanal LA last weekend they found a lot of food: "your $15 admission earned you a diabetes-inducing amount of samples of cupcakes, chocolate, tarts, gooey brownies with candybar chunks baked in and covered with frosting." They predict a comeback for the eating and crafting event sometime around the holidays.

CENTURY CITY: Full Figured Fashion Week started yesterday and Racked rounds up the week in fat fashion. Spoiler: it was kind of a bummer.

SANTA MONICA: Stores are still opening up at Santa Monica Place, and Racked informs us that ahead of the holidays it'll be getting a Kenneth Cole, Wesc, G Star Raw, which apparently is a denim brand, Tokidoki, and Kitson Kids. Reminder: Christmas shopping starts the very second Halloween is over.
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Santa Monica Place

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