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Los Angeles Considering Annexing Scandal-Plagued Vernon

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Jeezum, but who wants it? According to NBC News, City Councilwoman Janice Hahn wants the city to look into annexing Vernon in light of allegations surrounding the scandal-plagued 90-person city. Via NBC: '"In a motion introduced today and seconded by Councilwoman Jan Perry, Hahn said, "The time has come for the status of Vernon as a legitimate governmental agency to be reconsidered and its governmental authority to be annexed to the city of Los Angeles.'" Among other things, Hahn has raise the question as to whether Vernon withheld funding for affordabke housing. More: "The Los Angeles Times reported today that Los Angeles County prosecutors are arguing that Vernon is not a true city and should be disincorporated. No city has been involuntarily dissolved in California, according to The Times."
· Councilwoman Asks For Consideration of Annexing Vernon [NBC]