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Downtown Connector Goes Forward, But Fifth and Flower Stop Wilts

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Today's Westside subway route wasn't the only big decision made by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Metro Board. As expected, the board moved forward in approving a draft environmental impact report for the Regional Connector Project, the two-mile, fully underground light rail line that will connect the Metro Gold Line, Metro Blue Line, and future Expo Line through downtown. Additionally, the board voted to eliminate the 5th/Flower Station, an expected move.

But staff were also asked to report back at the December Board meeting whether there was interest in having the private sector pay for the stop. According to The Source, City Councilwoman Jan Perry and a rep from the Central City Association both testified in favor of keeping the station, which is being axed due to budget costs. And via the Downtown News: "The $1.44 fully underground alternative is running a projected $200 million deficit, even without the Fifth and Flower station, which would cost $2 million to study and $185 million to build, said Martha Welborne, Metro’s executive director for planning. Metro staff ultimately targeted the Financial District station for removal because of its proximity to the Seventh Street Metro Center station at Seventh and Flower streets."
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