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King on Kings Re-Visited, Charlie Chaplin Video Debunked

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FAIRFAX AREA: King on Kings, a twelve unit Pugh+Scarpa-designed condo project, hit the market more than two years ago, underwent some pricechops...and then disappeared. How things have changed! Pugh + Scarpa have split, and King on Kings went into receivership this summer, according to Mark Tasch, Revive Real Estate Group. None of the units ever sold, but Tasch's company now represents the project, which has prices starting from the mid $500,000s-$800,000s (originally prices started in the high $700,000s). Tasch tells us the building will be ready for move-ins in November. Also, this one seems to have a new name: 123 Kings. [Redfin]

HOLLYWOOD: So much for a time traveler in that Charlie Chaplin video? The Christian Science Monitor claims that's no iPhone, it's an ear trumpet. Spoiler much, CSM? [CSM]