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Culver City Ponders Future of City's Old Gas Stations

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Former gas station site at Washington Place and Sawtelle Boulevard via Patch; gas station turned seafood oil near Dodger Stadium
Culver City has six empty and blighted gas station sites in key development areas of its city, and now the City Council wants to do something about all those lots, reports Culver City Patch. Of course, the sites are privately owned, limiting the Culver City Council's power, but here's what they would like to see: "After some discussion amongst the council, city staff suggested requiring potential developers to adhere to a 'design for development,' which would essentially inform developers of the importance of a particular parcel's design.

The 'design for development,' coupled with creating a policy to alert owners of blighted properties to keep their land within city standards, will likely be the focus of future policy concerning the gas stations.'" The issue of what to do with old gas stations is a SoCal theme--the OPEC oil embargo shuttered thousands of gas stations in the 1970s and 80s, prompting developers to seize the lots and build mini-malls. As evidenced by that Riverside Drive success story, perhaps this generation's mini-mall is a seafood outlet? Halibut for all!
· City to Redevelop Vacant Gas Station Lots [Culver City Patch]