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Two-for-one Flip in Atwater Village

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Looks like there's another Better Shelter-esque flip squad on the scene. Say hello to Group3, the rehab team who polished this pair of mid-century bungalows in Atwater Village. Per the listing, the two-bedroom, one-bath homes, which last sold for $350,000 on August 20, have "new hardwood floors, renovated kitchens and baths, new central A/C and heat, bolted foundations, separate yard spaces and two garages perfect for storage, studio space or a launching pad for Rock-n-Roll greatness." Judging from their website, this is Group3's second offering, and as with their previous listing, the staging includes what might be their version of a Gucci surfboard--a battered croquet set. Asking price for the twofer is $575,00.
· 3175 La Clede Ave [Redfin}