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Victory for Venice Didgeridoo Players As Injunction Handed Down

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A federal judge has issued an injunction against the LA ordinance that regulates performers and vendors on the Venice Boardwalk, "effectively stating that the city's permitting and lottery system for boardwalk performers and sellers violates the 1st Amendment," according to the LA Times. The lottery is supposed to run from Memorial Day to November 1. Some locals are worried that doing away with the permitting system will bring "chaos," but others say the whole thing never worked and allowed vendors selling Bart Simpson dolls stamped out in China to push out your various local hemp necklace-makers and didgeridoo-players. The judge also struck down a rule that forbids "musical instruments or amplified sound between 9 a.m. and sunset in designated areas," so time to invest in Venice-area earplug dealers. [Image via Chad McDonald]
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