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Castillo del Lago Losing Madonna Touch, HGTV to Sell LA

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HOLLYWOOD HILLS: Castillo del Lago sold in July for $7 million, according to Redfin, and the new owner is apparently not a fan of the design choices made by nineties-era owner Madonna and her designer brother. A tipster writes "So, whomever bought that house is painting over the stripes everyone hated (or most everyone). Crosby Doe must be thrilled." Careful, new owner, in some places it's actually illegal to publicly denounce Madonna's taste. [Curbed Inbox]

TVLAND: A Curbed family member tells us not to fret, we shall never lack for house porn-based reality television: "HGTV is bringing its real estate reality show "Selling New York" to LA for a, wait for it, "Selling LA." The show follows brokers, but not their personal lives a la Million Dollar Listing, and is basically an excuse to show off fancy properties." [Curbed Inbox]