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Bikeapalooza: UCLA Gets Rentals, Hollywood May Get a 'Hub'

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Good news on two fronts for cycling enthusiasts. The Be a Green Commuter blog reports that UCLA has started a bike rental program, er Bike Library, with Felt Café Series hybrid city-style cruisers available for $35 a quarter--not too shabby, but better lock those puppies up tight. The bikes are available on campus at the UCLA bike shop, with the school's Green Initiative Fund providing the money for the service. Across town in Hollywood, the big mixed-use W project at Vine may get a "Bike Hub," where bike sales, storage, rentals, and showers would be available for commuters and tourists. This should quiet those who'd complained about the lack of bike-friendly amenities at the W.

The Hollywood facility would replace a sparse "bike room" at the W development that was met with meh by cyclists, according to Streetsblog. As part of the deal for the new bike amenities, the developers of the W hotel and condos would take back the bike room and public restrooms (which were closed because they became an oft-vandalized vagrant hotspot) and use it for a restaurant space, while Metro would use one of their empty storefronts on Vine for the Hub. "The Hollywood Bike Hub is a bike shop for locals where cyclists can work on their bikes as well as store them in a secured environment," cycling advocate and city council candidate Stephen Box told Streetsblog. "The Bike Hub would [also] serve as a Visitor’s Center for tourists who simply need info on the neighborhood."
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