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Sherman Oaks Landlady Not Anything Like Christine O'Donnell

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Curbed Horror Stories are firsthand reader reports about terrible housing experiences past and present. Got a Curbed Horror Story of your own? Send it to

"Sherman Oaks landlady. She had 2 Guest apartments: one attached to her house and one a garage conversion. My friend, a show producer, and out of the country a lot, rented the one attached to the house and referred me to the garage conversion. It was a sweet little place looking over the pool in the nicely manicured back yard?.sort of resort bungalow style. Great price, really nice neighborhood. The land lady seemed really sweet. She told me she used to use the guest apartment as a painting studio until she went on disability [leave] from an evil attorney’s office in Sherman Oaks and needed rental income.

"The first weekday, I came home from work to the DISTI[N]CT smell of OIL PAINTS in the apartment. I pretended to be on the phone and loudly said, “I think my landlady is illegally using my apartment to paint in. It REEKS of oil paint.” It never happened again. All seemed well until the morning after the Northridge quake, when she told me SHE caused the quake because of her hatred for the evil Sherman Oaks attorneys and she HAD taken a course of witchcraft at Valley College.

"Then within a month, she kicked both of her tenants (me and my friend, just back from Japan) out. She and my friend had an argument and as friend was driving away, Landlady got in her car and drove her off the road to yell at her some more."
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