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Site of Scrapped Eric Owen Moss Venice Project for Sale

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One of the corners of Venice and Lincoln blvds, where architect Eric Owen Moss designed a never-realized residential building is now for sale for $3.8 million. Notably, the project's solar panels made it look as if the building was shedding, leading one commenter to point out the building may have psoriasis. But hurrah for solar panels. Anyway, neighbors freaked out at the size of the building, and beaten back by resistance to the project, developer Valley Heart Group, dropped plans. Now it's on the market again, according to listing agent Vlada Jacoby, who says it was listed about a month ago (perhaps it's been secretly on the market longer). Jacoby declined to say how much it sold for previously, but Property Shark records show there was a sale in 2006 for $2.75 million. Right across the street is Kanner Architects' Superior at Venice Apartments, while directly across the street is a gas station. Perhaps an interesting project will rise here and spruce up this section of Lincoln Blvd.
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