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Carey Mulligan Likes Hollywood Best Western, Brits Appalled

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The Daily Mail reports that actress Carey Mulligan (of An Education and Wall Street 2) has chosen to stay not at the new Redbury, nor the W Hotel, but at our favorite under-renovation hotel in Hollywood, the Best Western on Franklin. According to the paper, when Mulligan first came to LA, she lived at the Orlando on Third Street (so perhaps the more relevant trade here is La Terza for the 101 Coffee Shop). Eventually she moved in with boyfriend Shia LaBeouf in Sherman Oaks, but they've broken up and now she's at the scaffolding-obscured BW, where rooms start at $109 a night, while she shoots the Universal film Drive. Yelpers report the hotel is very clean, has a good pool, and is near to the Walk of Fame, but let's listen in to what the Brits have to say: "Rooms at the hotel overlook a car repair shop, two petrol stations and the Route 101 freeway. When The Mail on Sunday visited last night, several vagrants stumbled by." Last we heard, Koning Eizenberg are doing the redesign of the hotel.
· She earns £3.5m a movie why’s Carey Mulligan slumming it in a £69 a night backpackers’ hotel? [Daily Mail]

Best Western Hollywood Hills Hotel

6141 Franklin Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028