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Does Anyone Understand the City's Proposed New Zoning Code?

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Please raise your hand if you do. Because the Los Angeles Business Journal wades into the ruckus over proposed changes to Planning Department's zoning code, but the Journal covers the ruckus more than the actual proposal, so it's still unclear--to us, anyway--what exactly is changing. But a big issue is the fact that the "language" is changing, and both sides fear that element of will be seized upon. And more via the LABJ:

"The city’s goal in making the changes, part of the first overhaul of the zoning code in 64 years, is to clarify vague or outdated language and consolidate requirements for development projects. But homeowner activist and former commercial real estate executive Cary Brazeman has led an assault on the proposed changes, saying they will allow runaway development....Oddly enough, some business groups fear the opposite: that some of the proposed changes could give neighborhood activists more power to block development." Meanwhile, the LABJ also reports that Brazeman, who raised a lot of dust by placing newspaper ads opposing the code changes, is about to place an ad in this week's paper asking Metro to change its planned subway to the sea.
· Building Storm [LABJ]