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1950s Traditional in the Hollywood Hills

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This 1950s traditional in the Hollywood Hills was the home of Tom Mankiewicz, who passed away in July. The son of All About Eve writer/directer Joseph Mankiewicz, he became a successful screenwriter himself, working on numerous James Bond films, the blockbuster Superman franchise, and the TV show Hart to Hart. Though the listing copy describes the 4,300-square-foot property as "bachelor pad and film offices," with its floral-wallpapered bedroom and homey kitchen, it's not exactly the kind of bachelor pad one might expect from the man who scripted Diamonds are Forever. However, at $2.7 million, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than the Elrod House, which is still on the market for $13.89 million.
· 1609 Magnetic Terrace [Redfin]