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Be the Scotty Dog or Top Hat in Culver City's Game of CulverLand

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[Image via CulverLand]

Culver City is fulfilling Big-related fantasies with CulverLand, its latest piece of public art, which doubles as a life-sized game. Cartoon animator and game designer John Derevlany won a commission (funded up to $4,500) for a temporary game-themed artwork to coincide with the city's hosting of game showcase IndieCade this month. CulverLand is an 18 by 90 foot gameboard on a stretch of Culver Boulevard sidewalk (the original plans called for a much longer gameboard that went down both sides of the street). Players move off a square when a car the same color as that square passes by or "through some portion of the intersection (of Culver Blvd. and Main Street) where the game is located," according to the game's website. There are also alternate modes of gameplay on the site, including a drinking game, and the board is there until November 1.

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