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Wuh-Oh, It Was Good Livin' Here, Says Better Than Ezra Frontman

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Oh, the bad jokes just write themselves with this one. This three bedroom, three bathroom house in Silver Lake belongs to Kevin Griffin, singer/songwriter/guitarist for the band Better Than Ezra, which had a big hit with "Good" back in 1995 (link to video, remember how grainy the nineties were?). The listing says the house is a "Stunning 2005 redesign of a 1957 mid-century home by Tony Unhruh, at the request of Scott Santoro, an animator with Disney Studios" and is in the coveted Ivanhoe school district. Back in January the LA Times reported that the Griffins moved to the house from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, paying $1.595 million in 2006, and that they've enjoyed living here. Griffin calls it "the house with no headaches." However, some new kids have come into the mix and the family needs more space. They listed in January at $1.65 million and have now chopped down to $1.499 million.
· 2423 LANTERMAN Ter [Redfin]
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