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Good Design, Herman Miller, and KCRW Logo Debated

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This week's KCRW architecture and design DnA show interviews industrial designer Yves Béhar to talk about the process of designing a Herman Miller chair. "Designing a chair is the hardest thing a designer can do," he says. "It's harder than designing a car...In a car you can hide everything, in a chair everything is exposed, you will see and feel every part..." More about the chair from the DnA's web site: The SAYL Chair "is revolutionary in that it is made from a flexible, curving shell of plastic mesh supported by a Y-shaped spine support, hence the "Y" in the name." Meanwhile, the DnA show also talks about logos and designs--and there's an awkward exchange when host Frances Anderton puts graphic designer Michael Hodgson on the spot and asks him what he thinks of the KCRW logo. Not much, admits Hodgson. A logo should stand the test of time, he says. "It has maybe, uh, run out of time," he says of KCRW's logo. Does that mean dead?
· When Is a Logo a No-Go? [KCRW]