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Garrett Eckbo's Designs Around and Outside the Brody House

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[Image via the LA Times]

We always make a big deal about the dream team behind our favorite obsession, the 1949 Brody House, which was designed by architect A. Quincy Jones and interior designer Billy Haines. But the LA Times gently reminded us recently that we're forgetting someone--landscape architect Garrett Eckbo. Eckbo designed the Brody House's outdoor areas simultaneously with its construction, and is responsible for vertical steel trellises, built-in hanging steel plant holders, and a fountain near the dining room. Jones, Haines, and Eckbo only teamed up on one other project, the nearby Gary Cooper house, which just recently sold for (according to Redfin) $15.5 million. The Brody House just chopped to $19.5 million.

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Brody House

360 S. Mapleton Dr., Los Angeles, CA