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NoHo Buzz, Silver Lake Joe, This Map's on Fire, Michelin Guy Gone

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NORTH HOLLYWOOD: A handsome former bank building in NoHo (pictured), right near the subway, was gutted by fire a few years ago. Thankfully, work is going on now to bring it to life as a beer, booze, and food emporium known as The Federal Bar.

SILVER LAKE: Food + Lab opened its third outpost in the area--a Sunset Boulevard branch cut the ribbon this morning. F&L offers coffee, bakery, a market, and dinner (the latter is to come), as well as bike delivery, and at some point, a valet.

LOS ANGELES: Eater just launched a nifty little tool called the Eater Heat Map, which tells where to eat RIGHT NOW (our caps, not theirs). The first map includes the Lazy Ox, Red O, and Cleo.

KARMAVILLE: Last week, we told you how some guy from the Michelin guide dissed LA as a way to justify why they don't have a Michelin Guide for our fair city any more. Well, he won't have a job soon. Read more here.
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