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Lopez Catches a Buzz, A Few Cones for Prop19 Debate

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What does one learn about the effects of driving while stoned from a Los Angeles Times column that has Steve Lopez getting high and getting behind the wheel? That Lopez gets the giggles. But the story is less about the science of driving while high than about City Atty. Carmen Trutanich making a guinea pig out of the columnist as part of an attempt to show the ills of Prop19. (And we all know Nuch is not a fan of legalizing the sticky stuff.) Trutanich invited Lopez (who has a medical marijuana license, obtained for another story), to get stoned, and then drive on a closed course, all under the guidance of cops and medics. Post-stoned, Lopez is told he "show[s] impairment across the board." But the columnist, who admits he swerved at one point--then again, he's driving a strange car, and on a unfamiliar course--says: " I think more research could be useful." So what to think about the dangers of driving while high? Everything is still a little hazy.
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