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Neutra's Troxell House Hits the Market

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If you've been itching to plunk down for a Richard Neutra, the Troxell House in the Pacific Palisades, a four-bedroom, three-bath home, has hit the market for $4.45 million. Built in 1956, the home has been renovated, and in 2008, the Architect's Newspaper took a look at some of the changes: "According to John Umbanhower of Venice-based SH_ARC, the renovation of Neutra’s Troxell Residence, built in 1956, took cues from the original post and beam residence, but quite a few alterations were made. The footprint was changed and the house expanded to 3,000 square feet. A cantilevered addition to the master bedroom made the home more livable, and a pool (present in Neutra’s original plan, but never executed because Dr. Troxell maintained he had the best pool in town already—the Pacific Ocean) was finally installed." Here's the official tour.
· 766 PASEO MIRAMAR [Redfin]