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Silver Lake "Old House" Check, Meet 817 Alfred

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SILVER LAKE: Holy house guts! Behold the work being done on at that "This Old House"-picked home in Silver Lake. The owners are blogging. Brave souls. "Consequently, when we stopped by the house to check in and pick up the mail, neither one of us was prepared for what we saw. Mind you, from the front of the house, everything still looked as we had left it. But when we walked through our side gate and took a look out back, we were met with this gruesome site." [Via Charles and Hudson]

LA CIENEGA/BEVERLY We missed last weekend's opening, but 817 Alfred is the latest condominium project to arrive to the La Cienega-West Hollywood area. The HOAs are roughly $360 and the price list is after the jump. Interior photos to come, but you can peer at the rendering on the web site. [817 Alfred]