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Long Beach Politician's Short Sale Home Can Be Yours

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The Sacramento home of Rep. Laura Richardson (D-Long Beach), who has had some past difficulties with this residence, has been listed as a short sale, "months after Sacramento County documents indicated the Congresswoman was behind in her payments by more than $42,000," according to Capitol Weekly. If you know anyone who wants to move to Sacramento, it looks like the home has a nice porch. "This Colonial Home with big front porch to enjoy the view. Refinished plaster walls, hardwood floors, fireplace, updated kitchen with nook, updated baths, sunroom." More via the CW: "The house is currently listed at $399,000, far below the $535,001 Richardson originally paid."
· Laura Richardson's Sacramento home back on the market [Capitol Weekly]
· 3622 W Curtis Dr Sacramento, CA 95818 [Yahoo Real Estate]