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DA Says State Senator Wright's Many Houses Full of Cats and Guns

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State Senator Roderick Wright is about to be tried for perjury and other offenses in the case of Does He Live in His District, which is not to be confused with LA City Councilmember Richard Alarcon's indictments in the case of A Non-Showering Squatter Lives Here. Wright's case centers on an apartment complex in Inglewood and a house in Baldwin Hills--he's registered to vote in the former but is accused of living in the latter. According to grand jury transcripts courtesy the LA Times, tenants in the Inglewood complex mailed their rent checks to the Baldwin Hills house, and the district attorney's office says it found "guns, clothing, awards, mail and many other personal effects" there. (But who couldn't use a little extra storage space for his guns and awards?) The DA's office also says that in 2002, when Wright ran for Los Angeles city council in the tenth district, he changed his address to one in West Adams belonging to "a small 'maid's quarters' type of apartment attached to the home of barbershop owner Lawrence Tolliver and his family, longtime Wright friends." Tolliver's son, who works in Wright's district office, testified that that apartment "was in some disrepair and used primarily by the family's cats and for storage." In defense, Wright's attorney cites "a state elections code that declares a legislator's address to be where he or she is registered to vote."
· Wright lied about two residences, prosecutors allege [LAT]