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Studio City Homes: Modern to 1940s Cottage, Mary Tyler Moore Update

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A new Curbed feature looks at sales in a neighborhood over the last month and points out the high and low in terms of what moved. Redfin data is used. Up now: The marvelous Studio City home market.

HIGH: A five-bedroom, four bath home on Saint Clair Avenue sold for $1.5 million on October 8th. "Hip Urban Architectural, just two years old. Westside chic modern sophistication in the heart of Studio City. Quality built, 'Green' inspired and security conscious" It was listed at 1.575 million in July.

LOW: A two-bedroom, one bath home on Alta Mesa Drive sold on September 30th for $465,000. "Property is being sold Tenant Occupied. Buyer to be responsible for Tenant." Some more red flags followed, perhaps, in the listing info. It was listed in July at $523,000.

BONUS: Mary Tyler Moore's former Fryman Canyon mid-century home sold for $1.375 million on September 27th. It was listed in July for $1.399 million.
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