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Gensler/Arup Take Canstruction 2010, Fidel is Arriving Downtown

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MID WILSHIRE: The Fifth Annual CanstructionLA competition is on, a contest that sees local architecture firms make structures out of cans and bring attention to the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank. Gensler/Arup won Juror's Choice for their contribution, seen above. And the description: "Can-on Picture a World Without Hunger” literally puts a lens on hunger with a detailed, interactive replica of a camera—complete with video playback and viewfinder that convey messages about hunger and allow us to reflect on our own involvement in solving the hunger problem." You can see all the submission via photos here and the structures are on view at 5900 Wilshire through November 6th. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: A reader forwards a press release from G+ Gulla Jonsdottir Design, which talks up some forthcoming projects that are opening. Included is the "Cuban-inspired Fidel's, taking over three levels a of downtown Pershing Square high-rise which includes a rooftop restaurant and lounge with a club in the basement." And what Pershing Square high-rise would that be? We'll have to sic our sister Eater on this one. [Curbed InBox]