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Shoup, There It Is! Parking Guru Makes the Times

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The Los Angeles Times profiles urban planning theorist/UCLA professor Donald Shoup, a piece which has already generated 101 comments--and arguments--on the paper's web site. Charging a premium for parking and eliminating off-street parking requirements are two of Shoup's well-known positions, a stance which has made him the " godfather of this parking idea," said Ventura Mayor Bill Fulton. More: "Fulton, in fact, said he recently became a full-fledged Shoupista when Ventura implemented a Shoup-style parking management program and quickly saw the intended results. By charging for 400 of the 2,900 public parking spaces downtown, the city has spurred employees of local businesses to park at free city lots and walk to work rather than use curb spaces needed by customers." Additionally, Westwood and Pasadena are compared in terms of what happens--or doesn't--to a neighborhood when cities charge more for parking.
· He puts parking in its place [LA Times]