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Gold Wattage in Bel Air As Chateau D'Or Returns to the Market

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We've seen glitz, we've seen glam, but we have not seen the likes of Chateau D'Or, a Bel-Air 18th century French palace-inspired home that makes Candy Spelling's Holmby Hills spread look like the servants' quarters. The listings references the "gilded moldings, massive fireplaces & stunning chandeliers" as well as that "luxurious master suite," while there is also a "formal dining hall that easily accommodates 50 people." One of the shots shows the place all lit up--wow, the monthly electricity bills must rival the GDP of most small countries. It's listed at $39.995 million. UPDATE: The new photo set blinded us. Yes, this home has been on the market previously. Headline updated!
· 10451 REVUELTA Way [Redfin]