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Round and Gassy: San Pedro Butane Tanks Less Popular Than Ever

The domed butane tanks of San Pedro have been around since the early '70s, but lately locals are getting itchy to figure out ways to mitigate dangers they may pose. The fatal San Francisco gas explosion in September has especially stoked anxiety over the home and retail-adjacent domes, reports the Long Beach Press-Telegram. This year, the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council spent $10,000--one-quarter of their annual budget--to study potential risks of the gas-filled domes. While catastrophe is an unlikely scenario, bad things could happen, and spread around a seven mile radius, if a big earthquake hits on the Palos Verdes fault. The neighborhood council's Planning and Land Use Committee meets on October 28th to see what steps can be taken to reduce any potential risks; for it's part the company operating the tanks, Plains LPG, say they monitor the domes 24 hours a day and their facility is equipped with sensors and shut-down systems. Image via Press-Telegram
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