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One of Gehry's Twelfth Street Live/Work Lofts in Santa Monica

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Judging by Redfin, units in Frank Gehry's 1992 Twelfth Street Lofts don't go on the market very often, and this particular one bedroom, two bathroom live/work doesn't appear to have sold since 1993, when it went for $425,000 (spoiler alert: there's been a markup). The loft is three stories, with a high-ceilinged studio space on the first floor, a kitchen and banquette on the second floor mezzanine, and living spaces on the third floor. The building is, predictably, clad in corrugated metal. Asking price is $1.975 million (we warned you).
· 1643 12TH St #4 [Deasy Penner]