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Re:Style's Closing Has Everyone Remembering Hermosa Beach's Punk Days

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So goes clothing boutique Re:Style and its "shelves of black Dr. Martens boots," and so goes the last vestiges of Hermosa Beach's punk scene, reports the Daily Breeze, which covers the store's closing and its place in music and city history. "When the store first opened, the beach town was not the suburban oasis of million-dollar homes, imported sports cars and high-achieving college graduates it is today. Rather, abandoned buildings lined the city's main drag. The homeless slept to the sound of crashing waves on benches lining The Strand. The beach-side bars were popular with motorcycle gangs...

The city's music scene exploded with the rise in popularity of punk icons Black Flag, which would eventually go on to achieve national fame. And before the punk movement went mainstream, Re:Style served as a foundation, helping mold fashion trends that remain popular today." The store is currently having a big liquidation. Meanwhile, last year, a transformation of the Long Beach buildings--the structures that formerly housed SST Records, founded by Greg Ginn of legendary punk band Black Flag--was planned, and eventually completed.
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