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San Gabriel Purse-Grabber Is Also a Real Estate Developer

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KTLA is reporting that Albert Y.M. Huang, the mayor of San Gabriel, was arrested after he "allegedly grabbed a woman's purse and sped away with her clinging to the side of his SUV." It's not clear what the relationship is between the two parties, but according to the report, police "say Huang and the woman were arguing over money outside a restaurant in the 300 block of West Valley Boulevard." Maybe this lady just wanted her deposit back? Because, in an interesting turn, Huang is also a real estate developer. From his bio, on the city's web site. "Mr. Albert Y.M. Huang is the principal and an executive officer of Los Angeles-based real estate development, construction, and design companies- Richmont Development Corporation and Studio R Inc." A tipster emails in today to say that Mr. Huang is behind that liquidated Lincoln Heights project City View Gardens, but since Richmont Development Corporation's phones no longer work, that couldn't be verified. But Huang also attended and now lectures at the University of Southern California Architecture School, according to his bio.
· San Gabriel Mayor Arrested on Felony Robbery and Assault Charges [KTLA]