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Crenshaw/LAX Line Gets Funding, Work Starting Next Year

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Ka-ching! In the first payout under the 30/10 plan, the U.S. Department of Transportation approved a $546 million loan to help finance the Crenshaw/LAX line. Work will begin in early 2011 on the $1.4 billion line, which will ultimately allow you to take light rail to LAX (thrilling!). It will take about five years to complete the roughly 9 mile project. "Today is a good day, I got some very good news," U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer said in a conference call with reporters. "[Department of Transportation Secretary] Ray LaHood called me early this morning and he gave me some advance notice of some very good news." Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa called the loan, which will be paid back with Measure R funds, "a substantial downpayment," and promised the project would be finished "in the teens." Without 30/10, the line wouldn't have opened until some point after 2020. The Crenshaw Line goes from Expo Crenshaw Station at Exposition Blvd and Crenshaw Blvd, down Crenshaw Blvd, connects through Inglewood, and down to LAX (you'll get to the terminals via a people mover) and then connects with the Green Line.
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