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Katherine Heigl Embroiled in Los Feliz Hot Tub Neighbor War

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Ah, the celebrity neighbor feud, one of the few varieties of neighbor feud that involves bikinis and TMZ. Katherine Heigl has been all over the talk shows explaining how she and her husband ended up on tape in their bathing suits, talking emphatically to LAPD officers outside their house (although TMZ should probably explain how that ended up on tape too). According to Real Estalker, Heigl owns a "Magazine quality updated Southern Colonial" (listing's words) in Los Feliz, but you know, it's pretty hard to tell if it's the same house as the one in the grainy, shot-from-the-bushes video. Anyway, Heigl says a neighbor berated her and her husband as they enjoyed some PG hot tub time, so she called the cops. But mostly she loves her neighbors, she told Ryan Seacrest: "Everyone else in the neighborhood is so awesome. This guy is always screaming at us." And according to TMZ, she told the police at her house that "the neighbor had noise issues with many other property owners as well." So when does this guy get to explain himself on Jimmy Kimmel?
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