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HMC Architects to Gloss Up Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Center

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If you attended that recent panel at A + D Museum about the state of the architecture industry, you heard Andy Cohen, CEO of Gensler, say that one area that has remained stable through the downturn for architects is the healthcare industry. So appropriate timing for the news that Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Center has approved HMC Architects' designs for two new buildings on its campus, plans which now include, according to a press release from HMC Architects, a new multi-service ambulatory care center (seen above), expected to be completed by 2013. (The LABJ has also been covering plans for the Medical Center, which shut down in 2007.) Meanwhile, back to that A + D panel. The Archinect reviewer said the best thing about the night was not the panel, but the open bar. "At least the bar was free and groups of architects, employed and unemployed alike, could get together and talk more candidly. In fact, the personal conversations were more to the point than the panel." Bottoms up.
· State of the Industry at the A+D Museum: A Panel on the Economy [Archinect]