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NoCen Stores in Trouble, Stylist's East v. West Take, LAFW

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NORTH CENTRAL: Racked is totally bummed out that three long-time staples in the area are closing their doors. Sirens and Sailors, Warwick, and now Mercado are all gone, and when Racked stopped by Mercado a few days before it closed, "there was practically nothing left."

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Racked stopped by C Savage Salon recently to check out its makeover, eat some snacks from next-door neighboor Jar, get prettied up, and of course discuss the geography of salonery with a stylist: "Of the East Side, said he appreciated the laid-back atmosphere and friendly clientele, but it's hard not to be impressed by the general fanciness, attention to detail, and level of pampering one finds in the Beverly Hills salons."

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Have you heard that it's LA Fashion Week? Probably not. But anyway, Racked attended the Geoffrey Mac show at Skybar and found "a column wedding dress with a fabric swirl in the back (it was probably supposed to look like a big rosette, but looked more like a cinnamon roll); and a flirty number best described as 'Barbarella Does Brocade.'"
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