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Beverly Hills Perfume Comes In Its Own Little SPF:a Design

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"Beverly Hills people usually use a tremendous amount of beauty products," Mayor Jimmy Delshad tells the Associated Press. And the city would like to get in on that action--at Greystone Mansion on Tuesday night, it debuted its first BH-branded beauty products, three Swiss-made perfumes called Must Have, Rodeo, and Iconic. The perfumes come in bottles designed by SPF:architects principal Zoltan Pali, who also designed the city's under-construction Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, because why would Beverly Hills hire some no-name product designer, right? The scents will start selling in January at $120 a bottle, and while we had heard that the city wouldn't make any money off the line, it will in fact split royalty proceeds with its marketing firm and the Chamber of Commerce. "The city hopes to reap $500,000 over five years," according to the AP (though officials say it's more about the brand than the money).

Pali tells us in an email he's never designed a perfume bottle before, "and it was an interesting process- different than architecture where you have zoning rules, building codes, program requirements- etc.- There [are] of course manufacturing challenges and every move you make can be too costly or difficult to make when you mass produce it...Also, it is very difficult to make bottles that are perfect shapes." You'll notice there're no shield logos or palm trees or Bentleys on this bottle. Pali writes that "I was given requirements that asked me to be influenced by aspects of Beverly Hills- but ultimately I went into a direction that was purely architectural and simple- playing with the notion of transparency, translucency, layering and simplicity."

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