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Inside the Montage Hotel's $12.5 Million Penthouse

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The Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills opened in late 2008, a dark financial period and not the best time to start selling 20 luxury residences aka condo units. In May of this year, the Los Angeles Times reported one guy had moved in--Larry Field, a local Beverly Hills developer. He had run of the place and was ordering lobster rolls from the hotel kitchen in the wee hours, or at least that's how it seemed. At that point, six units had sold; today, eight units have sold, according to a rep for the project. And in a first, one of the units is now on the MLS. This is a four-bedroom, four and half-bath residence that's asking $12.5 million. The model unit had more gold-colored touches, but this unit is outfitted in a mute tones, the sort of colors that Calvin Klein calls "sand" and "driftwood." Truthfully, we're a little disappointed. Bring back the bling, Montage! For $12.5 million, gold-plated toilet seats, please.
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The Montage Beverly Hills

225 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210