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C.J. Smale-Designed Art Deco Apartments in the Miracle Mile

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Meet Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #427. A four-story zigzag moderne apartment building in the Miracle Mile, it was designed in 1930 by Clarence J. Smale, whose works include the streamline/baroque Loyola Theater in Westchester and residences for Buster Keaton and Nat King Cole. Per the Los Angeles Conservancy's Art Deco guide, Smale lived here while maintaining his office in the Wilshire Center Building. Currently, there are two apartments available in the pet-friendly building, a 2,640-square-foot corner unit on the top floor with three bedrooms and two baths for $3,500/month, and a basement studio for $975.
· $3500/3br - Art Deco Masterpiece [Craigslist]
· $975 Basement Studio [Craigslist]