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Howling Dogs Lose in Hermosa Beach Court Case

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A few years ago, Hermosa Beach resident Corey Glave was cited for having four adult dogs – twice the number permitted in the city. A neighbor set up a web site to record the howling and barking of the dogs, some citations were issued, but Glave ultimately sued the city over his right to keep the dogs. And now there's been a decision in the case---and Hermosa Beach has prevailed. From the city-issued press release: “The court found that the city acted appropriately when it cited Mr. Glave for having twice the number of adult dogs permitted in Hermosa Beach,” said City Attorney Michael Jenkins today. “Homes in Hermosa Beach are located very close to one another, and the city seeks to strike a balance to ensure neighbors may enjoy their pets and have the peace and quiet in their own homes. We go to great efforts to work with residents to resolve noise issues caused by pets. Unfortunately, Mr. Glave sued the city over a matter that could have been resolved through mediation and with consideration for his neighbors.” The best of the story is that the web site set up by a neighbor. Careful: Click on it and the dogs start up.
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