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Mystery Art in Beverly Hills is a Franz West Piece

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Image sent in yesterday by a reader

When developers put up buildings, they are sometimes obligated by the city to erect some public art in return for the right to build, and sometimes that art is lovely and inspirational and other times, it feels the public is being punished with the art. Yesterday a reader wanted to know about that mystery piece rising in Beverly Hills--here's an updated photo (the art is sans wrapping) and some updated news: According to Therese Kosterman, a representative for the city of Beverly Hills, this Franz West piece was installed as part of the developers' Public Art Ordinance obligation for that new Gensler-designed building on Beverly Drive, the blue ice cube that William Morris Endeavor (WME) may or may not be moving into. The piece is called "The Unconscious."

The piece was commissioned by George Comfort & Sons, the developer of the building.

Vienna-born West had a show at LACMA last year, and here's a description of this project: "With its impulsive looping ribbon shape The Unconscious activates the plaza at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Beverly Drive.

Towering over pedestrians at eighteen feet tall, the treated aluminum sculpture is tangerine orange and has a charisma and humor that enchants viewers, and invites them to come closer, to touch, and to sit.

Three seats are integrated into the work to invite physical contact, conversation and socializing.

In this way, The Unconscious hopes to capitalize on the site’s Beverly Hills “Gateway” location by presenting a visually dynamic work that encourages public interaction while challenging traditional notions of public art and monumental sculpture."

Meanwhile, is WME moving to the Beverly Drive building after all? You'll remember that Ari Emanuel, one of the new heads of WME, was reportedly balking at moving because Gensler also designed CAA's current space aka the DeathStar, and Emanuel is said to have "hated" that building. A rep for WME, which currently has headquarters on Wilshire, says "there is no update" on whether or not they have decided to move. "There is no news," she said.
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