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AEG Talking About Managing LA Convention Center

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The city's long been talking about privatizing the Los Angeles Convention Center, allowing an outside entity to come run it. And hey, look who is now talking about taking over the reins? Details are few, but here's what the AP, which attended yesterday's conference about downtown development, reports: "Tim Leiweke said at a downtown business forum that he and City Councilwoman Jan Perry have discussed a plan to redevelop one of the convention center's halls into an exhibition space that could double as an enclosed NFL stadium...The potential plan would require AEG to invest $1 billion to build the stadium. Leiweke said the company would also consider asking the city for a contract to manage the entire Convention Center site, including the new structure." All this comes on the heels of recent speculation that given the NFL labor fight, it could be 10 years before a team gets to Los Angeles.
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